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Heritage Strategies LLC, an Estate Planning Family Office, offering both proprietary and traditional life insurance products, is focused specifically on the active management of our affluent families and individuals' estate plans. Our clients’ estates are managed with the same care, expertise and diligence that our clients apply to their own businesses.

Heritage currently boasts over 250 clients with a collective net worth of more than $35 billion. The partners of our firm offer in excess of 100 years of experience helping businesses and families plan for the future.

At Heritage Strategies LLC, the definition of Estate and Business Continuity Planning is passing one’s assets, both tax-efficiently and with the least amount of emotional stress. Our end goal for every client is to simplify this subject matter. To accomplish this, we have a very process oriented approach.

We too often see “prescription without diagnosis” in our industry. To overcome this from the onset, each client receives “The Heritage Book”, which condenses an entire estate plan into five to ten basic sheets. This book provides our clients and their advisors with immediate access to critical information to help make the right and best planning decisions.